The New York Times: Sahara-Level Sand Dunes, Mediterranean-Blue Water: Welcome to Michigan

…”Less gentle was the frigid water, which wouldn’t warm to swimsuit-worthy temperatures until July. I waded in to my knees, feeling my calves turn numb as a pro athlete’s in an ice bath. A more appealing way to enjoy the lake appeared when three standup paddle boarders glided by, silent as swans. Surfers, too, can be seen catching waves year round…”

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Traverse Magazine: Freshwater Family

“The Skrockis welcome people from around the world into a close-knit surfing community in the tiny Lake Michigan village of Empire, just like they’ve always belonged.”

Written by our dear friend and absolutely fluid writer Emily Hopcian, with photos by equally loved & talented Beth Price Photography, ‘Freshwater Family’ encompasses the history of Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak, and how our passion for freshwater & love for community has shaped our business, as well as our family.

Enjoy. And THANK YOU. Read ‘Freshwater Family’

Weird Waves Podcast: Ella Skrocki

The Weird Waves Podcast popped in the shop and sat down with Ella Skrocki to talk Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak, females in the water, and all things surf, safety, and enjoyment.




This is Range: Shredding Water in Winter

“Such harsh winters drive most of us indoors for warmth. For a dedicated and passionate group of female surfers, these cold-weather storms are a call to run, surfboards in hand, to the Great Lakes.” SHREDDING WATER IN WINTER: FOR THE LOVE OF THE GREAT LAKES

Written by Erica Zazo, this piece highlights Ella Skrocki and Jamie DeLuc of Minnesota’s “North Shore” and their love for surfing, all year long.

Up North Live: Students Learn to Surf on Lake Michigan

Surf Instructor, Reiss Skrocki takes a few students from the Leelanau School out for a lesson. Check out the video! 

Lake Effect Co: Great Lakes Shred Camp

A beautiful perspective piece by 2 x Shred Camper Katherine Graham of Lake Effect Co. of her experience at Shred Camp: Great Lakes.