My North: Winter Freshwater Surfing on Northern Michigan’s Great Lakes

Autumn and winter bring freezing rain, snow squalls, gale-force winds and phenomenal freshwater surfing in Northern Michigan.

Written and Photographed by Grant Piering

“Winter surfing is not for the faint of heart and requires a strong commitment to safety, etiquette and responsibility. While many may be tempted to jump into the surf at the height of the season, remember that our mighty Great Lakes are no standard inland bodies of water and their power is so often underestimated.” The Risks & Rewards of Great Lakes Surfing by Ella Skrocki, My North Media

Stab Magazine: Everything You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Surfing In The Great Lakes

“The Skrocki family has been selling boards, gear, and surfing camps and lessons since the shop’s inception, yet leading grassroots environmental campaigns and water safety classes have become dually important for them.” Matthew Dursum, Stab Magazine 

Photography by Beth Price Photography and Words by Matthew Dursum

Glen Arbor Sun: Collaborative Care for the Water

Skrocki sisters share their love of the Great Lakes

By Mae Stier

“As Annabel said during our time together, “you respect what you love,” and the Skrocki sisters are helping more people develop a love for the Great Lakes in the hopes that they will cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the water as well.” Collaborative Care for the Water, Glen Arbor Sun


There are so many things to say about the insanely awesome team at The Public Works who so beautifully captured our story and made the process so natural and fun. An epic adventure right here in our beautiful backyard with Thor Industries and great company.

Take a read and see some incredible imagery captured by Beth Price Photography: 

The Freshwater Life: How RVing and Freshwater Adventures Bond Two Sisters

“Join us along the coast of Michigan for a freshwater adventure with sisters Annabel and Ella Skrocki of Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak in Empire, Michigan. We caught up with them to chat about their love for adventure, why travel has made their sisterly bond even stronger and how RVing and freshwater living go hand-in-hand.”

“A few day adventure with an epic team around my favorite area with my best friend was beyond fun. It gave a new insight to just how fortunate we are to live in such a pristine area with endless things to do and endless places to visit, even within a 20 minute drive. Every adventure with my sister gets even more fun and I am so grateful this one was so beautifully captured.” Annabel Skrocki

Mappy Hour: Great Lakes Surfing with Sleeping Bear Surf Sisters

Super fun Skrocki sister podcast with Mappy Hour‘s Erica Zazo

“A Q&A with Ella and Annabel Skrocki, sister surfers from Northern Michigan, who share what it’s like to ride freshwater waves – winter, summer, spring and fall. We talk about their environmentalism efforts to protect the world’s largest freshwater system, we discuss safety tips and how to stay warm in frigid temps, and we also learn from Ella/Annabel about what makes Michigan’s surf culture so unique.” Mappy Hour

Osprey: Finding Gratitude in a Year of Exhales

Written by Emily Hopcian / Photographs by Beth Price Photography

“Conversations and moments shared with these friends, both in person and digital, create a meaningful feeling of home that transcends any one space. This time on the Manistee River is a reminder of that. Our journey is relaxed in nature. Our goal is simple: get out on the water together for a night and two days” Finding Gratitude in a Year of Exhales