Osprey: Finding Gratitude in a Year of Exhales

Written by Emily Hopcian / Photographs by Beth Price Photography

“Conversations and moments shared with these friends, both in person and digital, create a meaningful feeling of home that transcends any one space. This time on the Manistee River is a reminder of that. Our journey is relaxed in nature. Our goal is simple: get out on the water together for a night and two days” Finding Gratitude in a Year of Exhales

Huntington Bank Supports Local Business: Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak

A fun collaboration with our friends next door at Huntington Bank. An ode to the hard times that challenge us to think outside the box. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, as most small businesses had to, we rose up and made adaptations to our business that were vital to opening our doors and keeping them open. Thank you to our community for continuing to support us through such a challenging time in history. And thank you to Huntington Bank for seeing the value in our story and passion for what we do. And for letting 7 year old Annabel withdraw $5 to get ice cream at your Empire location every day even though she couldn’t see over the counter.

National Wildlife Federation: Against the Current

“Against the Current explores the impact invasive carp are having on Southern and Midwestern waters and the threat they pose to the Great Lakes and their connected waters by sharing business, tourism, tribal, fishing, outdoor recreation, scientific, and conservation perspectives from northern Michigan to Tennessee.” Drew YoungeDyke of the National Wildlife Federation

We were honored to be one of those perspectives. No one wants a fish slap from an Asian Carp while they’re trying to paddle or play in the surf.

Watch the full film here:

Michigan Blue: Finding Their Balance

Women at Shred Camp discover inner peace and strength while having fun on the water.
Photos by Beth Price Photography///Written By Amy S. Eckert /// July 31, 2020
Highlighting the natural bond between Ella Skrocki, Leda Olmsted, Lindsay Simmons, and Beth Price “Finding Their Balance” tells the story of how their connection to Lake Michigan created a partnership for empowerment on the water: Shred Camp.
“Lake Michigan’s sheer size and power can feel overwhelming at first, but the women learn to embrace the water’s fluidity, its constant change and movement. Metaphors between the women’s experiences in the water and in the rest of their lives abound: instability and adaptation; balance and release; turbulence and calm; falling and rising, again and again.” Finding Their Balance

Vice News: The Ice Beard Surfers of Lake Superior

Dan Schetter called on a stormy Thursday night. “Ella, you guys gotta get up here!”

The legend had a new, fancy set of cameras on him for the weekend swell in Marquette, and needed a positive partner to paddle out with. Enter Ella. Thinking it’d be a fun opportunity, we jumped into the Ice Beard show, even though Ella lacks a full beard. Vice dropped the ball and didn’t include our names (or Allen: @tongan_icebeard) in the piece, but we got a super fun session and a trip to Lake Superior to hang with Dan and Allen, the most full-of-life, hilarious pair in the North Woods and hella great surf companions too. Thanks for having us along, legends!


NPR: Michiganders Get A Late Autumn Surfing Opportunity With Lake Waves As High As 13 Feet

ELLA: “We’re kind of a wild bunch here on the Great Lakes.”

Listen to our quick, fun interview with Dan Wanschura of Interlochen Public Radio while we wrangled ourselves into neoprene for a strike mission into the wind on a less-than-ideal, stormy October day at the Pier.

Read the story or take a listen!