ORU Paddle


What’s a kayak without a paddle? The Oru Paddle—in bright white to match the kayak—breaks down into four pieces, so it stows easily inside the Oru Kayak in box form. It features a lightweight fiberglass shaft and super-tough ABS plastic blades. The paddle is truly customizable: a quick-clamp connector allows you to adjust both the length (220-230cm) of the paddle, and the feather angles of the blades.

• Lightweight, reinforced fiberglass shaft
• Molded ABS plastic blades
• Marine-grade stainless steel connector buttons
• Completely adjustable length and blade pitch (feathering)

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Blade Material: ABS
Blade Size: 44cm x 16cm
Blade Shape: Asymmetrical
Shaft Material: Fiberglass
Shaft Shape: Straight
Shaft Size: Adjustable length 220-230cm
Feather: Adjustable ferrule 0-90 degrees
Breakdown: 4-Piece
Control: Right or left hand
Weight: 2.75lbs (1.25kg)
Adjustable length: 220-230 cm

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