Surfboard Rentals

Because we’re in the height of the [big] surf season, absolutely freezing cold and not well suited for novice surfers, we are only taking rental reservations over the phone (or email) to ensure the well being of our customers. Send us an email, give a jingle or drop a DM and we’ll talk it through!

Due to the spontaneous nature of our Great Lakes, surfboard rentals do not require an advance reservation, but we always appreciate an ample heads-up. Thank you!


Whether you want to take your newly acquired, post-lesson skills to the next level, or have traveled from afar without your surf craft, we have the board for you. 

Here’s what we’ve got:

Our Surftech Learn2Surf Blacktip surfboards are available in various lengths from 7′ to 10′. High volume, stable and surprisingly speedy, these big ol’ soft tops are so perfect to help you gain your confidence on board and progress more efficiently, and they’re also majorly fun for the seasoned surfer to enjoy a care free, high-quality, fun foamie session. Some of our favorite sessions have been post-lessons with these wave catching machines. $35 and go have a hoot.

Next step up is the JJF Log by Pyzel. Epic. Still a soft top deck but built with performance in mind. Have some experience under your belt or looking for something a bit more responsive? These boards are blowing us out of the water (or… into the water?). With more aggressive performance built into this board, that means less volume and paddling power under your chest. Therefore you’ll need to ensure you’re reading waves properly and paddling a bit harder to get yourself slidin’. $50 and she’s yours for the day.

We also have a slew of demo boards available for an additional cost (just give us a call and we will let you know what’s available).

But hold up!

It’s important to ensure safety before heading out into rough water. Check out our Resources tab before you venture out so that you paddle out with safety and etiquette at the forefront of your mind. And fun, that too.

We always suggest that if you haven’t surfed before, that you take a Great Lakes Surfing Lesson, which includes a surfboard rental throughout the 1.5hour lesson. This will give you a majorly strong foundation to get started and you’ll walk away with forecasting tools, knowledge of proper surf etiquette, important safety information, and a strong pop up under your belt! Check out our lessons page for more information.

Surfing Lake Michigan is a unique and incredible experience! Give us a call at 231.326.9283 (WAVE) to reserve your surfboard rentals and to get a report. Whenever the wind is blowing, you can almost guarantee surf (whether big or small) somewhere along our bountiful lakeshore.