Captain Fin Chippa Wilson + NPJ Twin Fins- FCS


Chippa Wilson + Neal Purchase Jr. Twin + Trailer Yellow (Twin Tab)

Template: Pivotspeedy modern twin ripping with plenty of hold.

Construction: Fiberglass

Flex: Stiff

Compatibility: FCS, FCS II Compatible (Screws Included)

The Chippa Wilson + Neal Purchase Jr. Twin ESP fin is part of our La Especial Collection. It’s a multi-color, solid fiberglass layup. This template was developed by Neal Purchase Jr and colored up by Chippa Wilson. It’s a large twin fin with an upright template and a bonus trailer fin for stability and drive.

5.7, White
5.7, White
5.7, Mustard
5.7, Mustard

Fin Specification

Side Fins Center Fin
Area 22.09 8.91
Height 5.7 3.4
Base 5.4 3.5
Foil Flat 50/50

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